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Food & Funding

V & Me has begun it’s food distribution program.

Helping thousands of people during the COVID-19 “Lock Down” time period.  Procuring, transporting, storing, and distributing the more challenging, but highly sought after protein products such as chicken, beef, pork and turkey, V & Me has the ability to provide 100’s of thousands of pounds of quality product to people and animals in need.


Working hand in hand with great places like churches, food banks, homeless shelters, drug & alcohol rehabilitation centers, battered woman’s shelters… the list goes on…



Youth Music Program

V & Me will work to fortify existing music programs in need of additional Instruments for their students, and provide instruments, curriculum and specialized instruction as we create new programs in areas that would benefit from an activity that would serve to educate and keep kids focused on something productive and wholesome during the impressionable years of a person’s life.

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Veterans Program

This program looks to lend support to the brave men and women who have served our great country and deserve to have their needs met, whatever they may be.


V & Me would like to thank all Veterans for your amazing service.  Without you… there would be no “Us”.


Vatani Book Series

A full series of children’s books will be available soon with fun stories that also give kids coping mechanisms to help them with life’s tougher topics.

We are So excited to be working with long time business partners Toby Nady (Author), and Eric Vaughn (Illustrator) on this exciting project!

VATANI Hands on .jpeg

Wildlife Conservation Education

Vatani has become one of the most lovable animal ambassadors in the world.  Providing a kind of “safe place” on social media where people know they can come for a guaranteed smile.


Dan and Vatani will carry that fun forward, offering “virtual field trips” via video conferencing for schools, churches and youth groups.  Educating the next generation about how cool animals are, and why animal conservation is so important.

Partnering with V & ME

Utilizing the unique resources and problem solving skills that our founding members possess, V & ME has the ability to partner with Fortune 500 level companies as we generate the funding, hardware and infrastructure needed to help individuals and other like organizations expand the scope of their work.


Vatani Merchandise

A full line of Vatani merchandise will be available soon here in our virtual Vatani store!

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